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Raven Crest Publishing and Production House abides by the IBPA Hybrid Publisher Standards

Please see our brief summary below, and email us with any questions you have!


1. Please see the About page for our mission and vision statements.

2. We vet all manuscripts that come to us. Please follow these guidelines to submit a new manuscript. Please understand that we have the right to refuse your manuscript for any reason, without written notification. We cannot always get back to everyone who contacts us, so we may not contact you unless your manuscript has been approved.

3. We publish under our name, and our ISBN and barcodes are included in your publishing package.

4. Copyright registration is included in your publishing package - under Author’s name, unless otherwise indicated in the contract.

5. Quality work is measured by the IBPA industry standards checklist.

6. Editing costs are included in your publishing package. Per industry standard, we require your manuscript to be edited three-fold:

  1. Developmental Edits: to ensure your manuscript (fiction or non-fiction) is structurally sound and is inviting, direct, nicely phrased, and free of cliches.

  2. Copy Edits: to ensure your manuscript has correct word choice, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

  3. Final Proof: to ensure that your final manuscript is at its best prior to print, our editing team will go over it to make sure there are not any glaring errors with margin, punctuation, etc.

7. Cover design and book layout costs are covered in your publishing package. Per industry-standard, we require your cover design/layout to be professional. We require you to uphold industry standards as you partner with us to create the cover and layout for your book.

8. We work with you to negotiate your rights - we will explain to you which rights are negotiable, and which rights we have to have in order to do our best job.​


9. We partner with you to find a good marketing, distribution, and sales strategy for your book!


10. We partner with you to help find your niche in sales and help you understand the numbers.


11. We pay a much higher-than-standard royalty rate, since our business model is author-subsidized.


12. We will break down our processes for you, and provide you with a system and timeline for the various phases of your publishing experience.


13. We take our job seriously - we will advise and direct you to the best of our ability on how to get the most out of your publishing experience. Your job is to be educated and work with us, as a partner, in the publishing of your manuscript.

14. When you purchase print runs, the books are owned solely by you, the author. All print copies that you purchase are yours - you are the sole owner and RCPP only requires our royalty from their sales, as per your contract.

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