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Powerful. Redemptive. Life Changing.


A.J. DUDLEY   2017

The Feather begins the epic tale of Nicholas Monitari, the son of a royal tutor, and of young Arabella, Princess of the Isle of Man. At the infancy of the Reformation, in the midst of the Church’s great tearing, we catch a glimpse into the secret Raven Crest Fellowship. Courageous members willing to stand to the death for the sake of truth and love, devoted to their quest: revealing the heart of God for the redemption of others. On this little island in the heart of the Irish Sea we discover that the greatest of glory can only be found through the greatest of suffering and the abundance of life is sometimes found in death.


Will the young boy be forgotten?


Will the princess survive? If she does, will the price have been worth it?

And who are the people who keep showing up at Nick’s home, in the quiet of night?


Let us see….



Coming Soon


I do believe that we have all felt the vile assault on the sweet innocence of our original design. Somewhere within we must have glimpsed a bit of the glory of the Maker's intent before there was sin. For in our youth we tend to see ourselves as we were meant to be. Then the day comes when we discover critical voices, most loudly our own, that serve to remind us that this is not the world in which we were intended to exist and we are not quite all that we had hoped. Yet, these alterations have perfectly equipped us to fulfill a glorious role in a larger, grander story than the one we have imagined to be simply about ourselves. 

Legends of the raven have long existed. Carved into the ancient stones along with the Norse gods, etched into the wooden totems of the Inuits, and soaring the tower of London, they have clearly made their mark in the hearts and minds of men.

Baase carries his own legend that remains in character, true to the ancient Torah of the Jews. This story of the raven's beginning is the original work of A.J. Dudley. Here is the story of great love revealed through sacrifice and of the death that must come before true life begins. May you taste your own story within these pages as you meet Baase the raven of Raven Crest.

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Stories of Glory: An Orality Journey Through the Bible Workbook is the instructor’s manual for the Metanarrative Bible course of God’s grand redemptive story. It is comprised of fifty compelling stories from Genesis through Revelation with supporting biblical passages to expound on the storyline. The workbook is complete with initial questions for each story and then detailed, reflective, and life application questions to enrich class discussions after the story presentation. The crafting of the Workbook is designed to provide practical training for the pastors, church leaders, or church planters in apologetics, homiletics, theology, and leadership with orality methods of teaching and preaching the Word of God.

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