Roses are Red



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Roses Are Read was written over the span of two years and derives much of its inspiration from nature. Roses Are Read combines nature’s mysteries with life lessons while proving to result in “aha” moments when read.

Rosellyn wrote Roses Are Read out of struggle. While she did not overcome something so extraordinary, Roses Are Read is a compilation of poetry entries that seeks to understand abuse and friendship and most importantly, a woman who is finding a voice.

Roses Are Read will touch briefly on the rights of humans and will always shed light into themes that can sometimes be taboo or “untouchables.” Roses Are Read will leave you contemplating your place in this world, in this time. The hope is that these poems will inspire you to find your very specific voice and that you will not stay quiet.

May this book allow you to see that both darkness and light work in tandem. This book will embody both. Without darkness, we cannot look forward to the light. Without light, we cannot drive out the dark.


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    Roses are Read (Set of 24) Paperback